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Today I received this hard copy book "Stoned" in my mailbox. I think it's a good day to start my first blog on my website with this book.

In this digital world, no matter what other says, I still love to read "real" books that I can hold in my hands, flip the pages, mark high lights, write down notes with pen, insert my favorite book mark...

Recently in a survey by Amazon, the sales of digital books are down, but the hard copies are going up. Survey shows people realize that they spend too much time on their digital devices now days. So they start to return to how they used to read books, See I'm ahead of time and trend on this one at least.

This book's topic really catches my attention. "...jewels have a singular power to reflect our desires back at us and show us who we really are..."

I'll have a week long business trip coming up soon, I'm sure this book will keep me relaxed on airplane and at my hotel bedside...

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