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Updated: Oct 14, 2021

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6SHADOWS beautiful botanical brooches.

October 22, 2020

When I think of flower brooches, I expect soft lines, bright colors, and an overall luxuriant lusciousness that speaks of bountiful growth and vitality. These brooches from 6SHADOWS are the polar opposite of that in every way, and yet I love them.

6SHADOWS beautiful botanical brooches.

For her latest collection, artist Sophia Hu of 6SHADOWS was inspired by famous painter Vincent Van Gogh’s style: bold, expressive brushstrokes that communicated strong emotion and a feeling of movement.

This is the Hydrangea brooch from 6SHADOWS’ In Search of Van Gogh’s Strokes collection. It’s made from tiny pieces of silver and gold, painstakingly joined together to form three-dimensional hydrangea flowers adorned with spinels and emeralds.

This second piece is the Lilac brooch, which uses the same technique of joining gold and silver pieces together to create lilac blossoms. This piece features more gems, with 10 sapphires, 4 diamonds and 5 emeralds.

I have personally never given much thought to the style of any painter’s brushstrokes, but strong emotion and the feeling of captured movement is exactly how I would describe the feeling that I get from these 6SHADOWS brooches. I’d say Sophia Hu captured her inspiration so accurately that I learned something about Van Gogh from looking at her jewelry.

This Ginko brooch is not from the In Search of Van Gogh’s Strokes collection, but it’s so lovely that I had to show you anyway. I have a weakness for the alluring curves of a Ginko leaf.

This 6SHADOWS brooch is called “Sound of Wind” and it is also constructed of delicate gold and silver inlay and adorned with six bright rubies. I want to wear it on the lapel of a forest green coat.

What do you think of these 6SHADOWS brooches, my darlings? Does the style call to you like it does to me? Which one is your favorite?

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