artist statement:  

"Drawing from my architecture training and practice, I truly believe the logic of beauty is embedded in every form of art creations as the critical role of golden ratio in ancient Creek architecture. I envision my creative life as an everlasting journey to search and perfect my golden ratio."

about the aritst: Sophia Hu is an architectural designer and jewelry artist. She was born and grew up in Beijing, China, studied and has been working in the United States since 1995 as an architect. In 2011 she started her adventure in silversmithing. Perhaps by fate, as she has moved away from architecture for a new career and advanced in her skills as a silversmith, more and more architectural features have appeared in her work. Sterling silver, gold, and other natural materials are her new "building materials" in these small-scale sculptures. As a mixed-medium artist, she's never afraid to explore new materials in order to discover their unexpected characters. To her, jewelry design and making is an extension of herself and the world around her. Space, shadow and geometric aesthetics play important roles in her jewelry design. Each design is hand crafted from scratch with love and soul in her studio, 6shadows, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

story behind 6shadows:  When Sophia and her architect husband, Bin, used to work in their architecture studio back in Dallas, Texas, neighbors often joked about the "two shadows" cast on their windows when they stayed up late to meet projects deadlines. So they named their architecture studio "2shadows". When Sophia named her jewelry studio, she simply added her lucky number, 6, to "shadows".

professional affiliations:   SNAG member since 2015

                                               American Craft Council member since 2015

publications:   Belle Armoire Jewelry, Sep 2014, page 58

                           Belle Armoire Jewelry, Mar 2015, page 74

                           Belle Armoire Jewelry, Dec 2015, page 72

awards:            2019 Saul Bell Design Competition, First Place in Couture Collection

                           2018 Saul Bell Design Competition, Best of Show winner

                           2017 Saul Bell Design Competition, Second Place in Alternative Material

                           2017 Saul Bell Design Competition, Silver category finalist

2017 show schedule:   American Craft Council show,  Feb 22-26, 2017, Baltimore

                                          American Craft Council show, Aug 4-6, 2017, San Francisco

                                          American Craft Exposition, Sep 15-17, 2017, Chicago

                                          Philadelphia Museum of art craft show, Nov 9-12, 2017, Philadelphia


Window  With  A  View


2018 Saul Bell Award - BEST OF SHOW winner

Magic of origami happens from paper to metal in these all hand crafted designs. These designs are “folded” from sterling silver and 18k yellow gold to create different angled surfaces which are not only geometrically beautiful but also structurally sound.



2019 Saul Bell Award - First Place Couture Collection

Not only being the most fascinating structures in mathematics, Helices are also important in biology, as the DNA molecule is formed as two intertwined helices. Through exploring mysterious helical structures, this collection is trying to inspire people’s curiosity of the connection between physical and spiritual worlds.



2017 Saul Bell Award Alternative Material -second place winner

Intriguing twists of intersecting squares yield a boldly unconventional design in polyester fiber. Drawing inspirations from traditional wood structure by evolving from basic details, the repetition of geometrical rhythm generates an organic beauty with twisted curved lines.


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Human Arts Gallery  

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Weaving Gallery   

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