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eye catching designs with Lake Superior agates

instant style with wisdom statement

These are Lake Superior agates along shoreline of Minnesota which were formed a billion years ago. The most popular Lake Superior agate and also the rarest highly treasured is eye agate which has perfectly round bands or "eyes" dotting the surface of the agate.  I carefully shape the drops to keep their natural "eye" as the focal points. The last photo shows these agates before cutting.
These eye agates are paired with champagne diamonds, I am very pleased to see they compliment each other in a beautiful way. The unsymmetrical design also add more fun.

materials: 18k yellow gold, 14k yellow gold,  1 pair of natural Lake Superior agates with eyes and two 2.5mm champagne diamonds.

earring sizes overall, 0.45"W x 1"H & 0.3"W x 1.15"H

solid 14k yellow gold level back ear wires with gold leaf in the front, comfort, secure and light weight for your ears to enjoy all day long.

signed at the back to guarantee the quality of workmanship.


Eye of Lake earrings



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