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Cactus necklace
  • Cactus necklace

    let the sun shining through,

    conserve all energy even vapor in the air,

    wait for the time to bloom the most bright flowers in the desert.


    when I work with this ocean jasper rough, it reminds me of cactus immediately, the most common plants here in Nevada desert. During my hiking here, I'm so fascinated by the rare cactus flowers. Most of these flowers are very bright in contrast with the barren desert background.

    I love the interesting orbs in these ocean jasper cabochons, especially the contrast between green and pink which is very rare in ocean jasper.

    five ocean cabochons are orbs over green background, yet one is large green orb over pinky background. this contrast adds more interesting to the composition.

    two faceted rhodochrosites (3x5mm, 2.5mm) are selected to enhance the color palette.

    18k gold balls are also shining in the opennings.

    all agates and gemstones are set in 18k yellow gold prongs in order to make them almost borderless for the most graphic impact.

    the back of the pendant is also well designed.


    materials: 6 ocan jasper cabochons from the same rough, 18k yellow gold, oxidized sterling silver,  one round (2.5mm) and one pear (3x5mm) rhodochrosite.

    pendant size, 1.5"H x 1.25"W

    sterling ball chains, 16" with a 2" extension. custom length can be made at your request.

    maker's mark soldered at the back to guarantee the quality of workmanship.


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