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Butterfly Ruby Blossom necklace
  • Butterfly Ruby Blossom necklace

    like the butterfly,

    spreading out shimmering wings in the twilight,

    for a sacred and serene time.


    both wings are spreading out at angles for a more vivid 3 dimensional effect, each wing has a 3mm ruby in the center, looks like the butterfly is about to take off.

    each wing is hung from cascading 6 flowers with 2 ruby on each side.

    very unique composition with a sophisticated taste, well balanced, attention to every details.

    wings of butterfly are created with vitreous enamel over silver. fired several times in kiln for delicate textures and details.

    body of butterfly is created with 3 rubys (3mm-4mm) set in 18k gold prongs with 18k gold antena.

    materials: 18k gold, sterling silver 925 and total nine rubies (size varied 2mm-4mm).

    double rolo sterling silver chains above flowers, overall 16" with a 2" extension, lobster clasp.  if you prefer a custom length, please leave a message at check out or contact me directly at

    signed at the back to guarantee the quality of workmanship.

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